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Why do I need Online Marketing?

With the massive migration of businesses to the online commercial universe, due to the pandemic crisis, online marketing becomes more important. The rules of the game regarding marketing in the physical space and the digital space are quite different in effectiveness. Online marketing is a tool that allows you to consolidate a business on the web.

Forecasts for the future indicate that businesses without visibility on the Internet will disappear in less than a decade. Online marketing is the plan of strategies that provide positioning, visibility and incentives for sales in a significant way.

How to benefit from online marketing

To know what advantages online marketing provides, it is essential to know its strategies:


Positioning yourself at the top of search engines places any business in an advantageous position over the competition. Generates traffic and becomes visible to potential clients. SEO is a strategy that helps the online business optimize and position itself.

SEO is based on a set of actions, such as: creation of quality content and strategic use of keywords. SEO turns businesses, independently, into a reference for buyers , therefore, it is a significant advantage, not disposable.


Building the identity of a brand and consolidating it in the psyche of the target audience is an online marketing strategy. The digital space requires companies to constitute a solid and conceptualized personality. Branding is a long-term strategy that gives a prestigious position to the company.

Although some tend to take branding and online marketing separately, the truth is that they are the same entity. In companies that are just starting out, the marketing plan includes among its strategies, strengthening the brand, that is, enhancing branding.

Email marketing

This online marketing strategy helps generate a network of users by disseminating messages and attractive advertising from the company through emails. The objective is for the company to expand its horizon of potential customers who increase visits to the website, the store and the company’s social networks.

The effectiveness of this strategy has guaranteed good dividends for businesses, since, in the best of cases, the customer finds information in their email about something they wanted to buy.


There is no point in generating campaigns and advertising without the tools that encourage generating the required impact. One of the online marketing strategies is Search Engine Marketing or SEM. It importantly positions the advertising that the company needs to boost sales, but also helps collect data to characterize the target audience.

MerchandisingGenerating a sense of belonging among the target audience with the brand is what this marketing strategy is about. The strategy includes offering promotional gifts to customers, making them participate in promotions, making them brand ambassadors. Also, it is convenient because of the attraction it generates towards the company’s websites.