Vibration analysis equipment

A lot of building companies use the vibration monitoring method to detect and prevent equipment from failure or downtime. This method can help you to find mistakes like imbalance, misalignment and looseness. The screenings you get from vibration monitoring will warn you of possible errors. The equipment that is used, can recognize those failures because of the common faults that are tracked hundreds of thousands of times before on different kind of machines. This makes it clear that vibration monitoring can be very helpful. 


A big downside of vibration monitoring is that it is very complex to make good analyses. Single handheld vibration analysis equipment can be used by anyone, but the real vibration analysis equipment that is needed to measure all the possible faults is a lot harder to use. When you want to use this equipment, you need to follow some special training. Besides this, the help of a third-party is needed in a lot of situations as well.

Why use vibration monitoring?

Vibration monitoring is used to preserve asset health. The right analysing equipment will help then to measure the vibrations faster. The vibrations that are measured, will give results that determine if a building is safe enough.

The work that has to be done

When a problem is found by the vibration analyses, it is time to solve the problem as fast as possible. To start, the empowering team needs to collect and analyse all data that is measured. When they have done this, they need to find and correct every mistake that had been made in earlier stages. When they are finished with this, they will need to make sure the downtime is as low as possible. And eventually, they need to collect all data.

When you are using vibration monitoring to measure the vibrations, you will need the right vibration analysis equipment to find the mistakes. It is important to know what kind of equipment is needed for your personal situation. Besides this, it is important to work with people with the right knowledge to prevent a lot of unnecessary mistakes.